Is Your Dog Eating Too Fast?

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Why Dog Eating Fast is Bad?

Have you noticed your dog eating too fast than the usual? Is he gobbling up his food as if you haven’t given them any food for days? Most dog owners don’t really pay attention to this and they often assume that it is only a normal behavior among dogs. But, did you know that there are some health risks and concerns with this that can threaten the life of your dog if you just let this kind of behavior continue?

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Why Do Some Dogs Eat Fast?

There are dogs that swallow their food without chewing it first, while others seem like they have been starved for a long time. You might consider it normal, but it is not really healthy and you need to stop it as soon as possible. Before knowing the best methods on how to address this issue, you should first know why it happens in the first place.

Here are some of the most usual reasons why dogs eat too fast:

  • Past History

There are dogs with history being malnourished and starved. You might not know of this history, particularly if your dog came from a rescue shelter. They could get very possessive with their food, feeling the need to eat fast because of fear of starvation.

  • Ancestry

Did you ever hear the saying wolfing down food? The wolf is the main ancestry of the modern domestic dogs. Typically, wolves living in the wild don’t get to eat on a daily basis, depending on the available on the prey. It means that they may go on many days with nothing to eat, and once they do find food, they end up gorging themselves, or what you call wolf it down. They have no idea when they will get the chance to eat again so they grab the opportunity to digest and eat as much as they can. There is a belief that some domestic dogs still base their current eating habits on this premise.

  • Multi-animal Home

Like with human families, there could also be an issue with rivalry. Most dogs feel the need of eating fast to compete with the other dogs and pets in the house to ensure that others will not gain access to their food. For them, eating quickly is the easiest way of keeping their food safe.


The Risks of Eating Fast

When your dog eats too fast, the tendency is for him to swallow too much air. It can then lead to vomiting, upset stomach, regurgitating, or suffering from excessive gas right after the meal. On a more serious note, vets say that dogs that gobble up their food also have an increased risk of digestive issues, canine obesity, and choking. You are probably wondering why this list includes canine obesity. Canine obesity can happen when a dog that is not portion-fed eats fast, which can lead to overeating and a consequent discomfort and indigestion. It could also disrupt the regular exercise pattern of your dog which can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle and eventually, weight gain.

The dogs that have deeper chests eat their food much quicker than others. These dogs have greater risk of developing GDV or gastric dilatation volvulus, which causes bloating. For those who don’t know GDV, it’s a life threatening condition that’s caused when the gas builds up in the stomach of the dog and cannot get out. As gas accumulates, one’s stomach swells and frequently twists. Even if this may happen in any kind of dog, this tends to show up often in deep chested and bigger dogs. The older dogs are at risk in comparison to the younger ones.


Ways to Slow Them Down

A method to slow down the eating of your dog is an anti choke slow eating dog bowl. Such bowls are made available in ceramic, stainless steel or plastic. Several bowls have different partitions to slow down the feeding rate of the dog while some bowls look like donuts and have rounded center knob, which makes the knibble move around the bowl.

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We recommend Imilive Anti Choke Slow Eating Dog Bowl, the designs of these bowls are very effective. In fact, majority of dog owners who deal with dogs eating too fast have seen great results from using the Imilive anti choke slow eating dog bowl. So, if you don’t want to prolong your agony in dealing with dogs eating fast, it’s now time to get the best quality anti choke slow eating dog bowl that will offer you peace of mind, while keeping your dogs safe from any risks or dangers.


Benefits of Using Imilive Anti Choke Slow Eating Dog Bowl

Believe it or not, there are dogs that have the tendency to devour their foods once presented with any kind of meal. One of the canine breeds that is notorious for their appetites is Labrador retrievers. Dogs that eat rapidly are more likely to present with assortment of ailments that are related to speed eating and these include vomiting, choking, gastrointestinal discomfort, and bloating due to gulping food.


Like people, the dogs that gulp their foods could not feel their satiety and have an increased desire for more foods at least for a short period of time. This can cause increased begging or sad faces, which would make you want to give them more treats and food.

With the use of an Imilive anti choke slow eating dog bowl, you can avoid gulping and other health risks. Usually, these bowls are designed with features that are effective in preventing speed eating, regardless if you own a small or big dog. However, you have to take note that there are two sizes of Imilive anti choke slow eating dog bowls made for big and small dogs. It is wise to choose the one that is appropriate to the size of your dog so he can enjoy eating while keeping him safe. These bowls are also available in different colors and made only from topnotch materials that are safe for dogs. Moreover, anti choke slow eating dog bowls are reasonably priced. So, get one now and see the difference!

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