Easiest Dog Breed to House Train

easiest dog breed to house train

Dogs are said to be the man’s best friend since the time of evolution as theorized by Charles Darwin in the evolution of mankind. When it is true in a way that dogs were used for safety of human families, companionship and hunting purposes during and through the ages of the stones and wrought iron, dogs are in the present day bred for various purposes if not majorly the same as before. Their functions to humans may with time increase or change as the demand and environment they are changes with time.

There are various types of dogs which require different kind of treatment when it comes to house training. The easiest dog breed to house train will majorly depend on your needs and the functions you will have your dog do for you.

What is house training?

House training in pets simply means giving your pets that spend their time with humans training in a way that they urinate or defecate outside or in a specified location or area rather than randomly. It may be referred to as house breaking in Americans homes. House training enables you to have your dog of advisably eight months plus indoors for a long period of time without worries of a mess or accidents.

The best method to house train your dog

House train your dog with methods that are reliable and cannot make the dog confused in a way that it makes its reliability questionable. There are a number of methods used to house train dogs and their reliability vary.

We have paper training and the use of doggie door which are not advisable because they have a wide array of setbacks when it comes to efficient training. Paper training is defined as simply teaching your dog to eliminate on paper placed inside the house. The inefficiency of this method comes when the dog begins to think it is okay to do their business on any paper on the floor including unused newspaper or unhanged coat besides going anywhere in the house. A better option for this is teaching your dog to do their elimination on a pan or dog potty pan outside or even in the veranda.

The use of doggie door undermines most of the house trained teachings. By using the doggie door you won’t be able to monitor if the dog actually did the business in the proper areas since besides you not being there to show the place, you did not see him do it. Doggie doors are only advisable after the dog has been properly trained and is now reliable.

easiest dog breed to house train

Dogs can also be trained to use target areas. An area of target is basically a small area in your yard that you will want the dog to always do their elimination from. This method saves you landscaping hustle and the bustle of having to look for the eliminated waste when it comes to cleaning. This method goes hand in hand with commands and the use of the name of the dog. An important thing to remember is to always keep the target area clean as some dogs are not friendly with dirty areas.

There is also another viable option called teaching your dog an elimination command. This technique works in a way that allows you to use short familiar phrases to the dog when it is time to do their business. The phrases chosen to be used should be comfortable and easy to utter and should always be accompanied by a praise.

Below are some of the easiest dog breed to house train and they may be subject to preference as well as function.

  • Australian shepherd

Australian shepherds naturally want their living environments to remain clean a factor that favors crate training. If they stay for long in the crate during the day, they will quickly learn to go to the bathroom only in designated areas. This works best if the dog is rewarded when it does elimination in the right place,

  • Bichon fries

They are proved to be smart with less shedding. Crate training is seen as the best favorable method to house train this breed which will make him feel comfortable in spending time alone in his crate as he will be having the elimination need under control.

  • Border collie

It is reported that this breed is intelligent and often aims to please their owner by being quick to respond to commands. When house training border collies, praise and kindness are encouraged as they motivate the quick learning of the dog.

  • Brittany

Britany is a breed that is smart and prefers non smelling environment for her domicile. They tend to be too smart which means instructions will get a reception besides taking a few days to train. They are also obedient with the urge to know what they will get

  • Doberman pinscher

House training is reported to not be a challenge when it comes to this breed that is said to be highly skilled and intelligent for a dog. Given perfect positive reinforcement, the dog quickly takes up the learning and instills it. He basically teaches himself but with a humans guidance.

  • German shepherd

The German shepherd is characterized by being a protective breed in nature with quick learning abilities and hard work.

  • Kai ken

Kai ken is a Japanese breed that is almost always cheerful and with the ability to swiftly learn commands hence easy to train. They can be a bit stubborn but they are easy to get along with them and get trained in a few days.

  • Labrador retriever

Commanding the Labrador retrievers is so easy hence easy to take instructions. They love children besides living long and healthy lives. They also have the need to help out given their adventurous self.

  • Miniature schnauzer

They find it easy to adopt to any method of house training especially if you buy it from a trainer and you are forced to change the method to suite your landscape. They are also obedience.

  • Shar-pei

They easily follow on house training instructions but are prone to becoming dominant. Therefore establish the dominance early and stick to the routine

  • Standard poodle

Standard poodle in highly intelligent and responds well to training making the house training process quick and enjoyable.


There are different kinds of dogs for house training. What matters is the environment you are in and how you want the dog to behave. If you have young children or not around, if you want o use methods that involves the yard or pan or even the size of the dog. I will suggest looking into various factors of your home before deciding on getting a dog to house train. Of all the dogs mentioned above, the Labrador Retriever seems to be the perfect and the easiest dog to house train given its intelligence and friendly natures. If you are buying an older dog that you’ll love to have it trained, give Miniature Schnauzer your best short. Maltese suites well when it comes to those with the preference of small dogs those are easy to train.


Easiest Dog Breed to House Train


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