What Type of Dog Breeds That Bite the Most

Before getting a dog, you would like to do some extensive research. You like to know which breed of dog is best for households with lots of adults or kids. You like to know which breeds of dogs will fare best in a small city apartment or in a big house. You might want to know which would get along with some pets and which will require most exercise.

Even if dogs are known as man’s best friend, they can be dangerous. More often than not, people forget that family pet has the potential to inflict serious injuries on your family or even your neighbors. Fortunately, you can reduce such risks through socialization and proper training, but also it is useful to know what kind of dogs bite the most, particularly when considering which breed you should bring in your home.

1. Chihuahua

They might not look like much, yet Chihuahuas actually pack a fierce bite once they become frightened. They also have little, sharp teeth, which could tear through skin. Even if it’s frequently warned that Chihuahuas are nasty dogs, yet what most individuals do not realize is that these dogs are fiercely loyal ones that react how their owners react. If they have owners that strike first and questions, they’ll likely do the same. Make sure that you teach your Chihuahuas with proper manners to make sure that they do not become biters.

2. German Shepherd

There are some reasons that these dogs are used for police force and military dogs. It is not only due to their sense of smell. These dogs can be trained easily, so biting must not be a problem. Even if not trained and socialized properly, this dog breed can be aggressive to some strangers and animals that could lead to some lawsuits and problems.

3. Bulldog

Generally, bulldogs are gentle and kind dogs and majority of them have a sweet nature and very patient, which bond well with kids. Even if they have the tendency to be snappy if not trained properly or if they’re trained to do so. They’re impressionable dogs and even if they are patient, they would react once they feel they’re threatened.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

These dogs are known for being difficult to train since they are independent and view themselves as alpha male. With this in mind, they have the tendency to be biters once not trained properly. This breed of dog requires firm and strong owner who could show them who is in charge without hurting them. Without having a strong owner, Jack Russells are likely to show dominance over their owner by biting and would do the same often to some animals unless they’re socialized and trained properly.

5. Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are known for being strong animals and can be a bit intimidating if they do not like you. They’re also fiercely protective of their family and owners and do not get along well with some breeds. A problem with this breed is that they are too strong their own good that could get them into serious troubles.


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